Writing Home

From a very early age I had a penchant for writing. In fact, all through school English and related subjects were my strongest (beyond the computer stuff). When I decided to go to a more technically inclined university, my AP English teacher was very disappointed.

While I did decide to pursue a degree in computers rather than a more literary one, I’ve never given up on my writing and am in the throes of a couple of novels. While I’ve focused more on photography recently, I’ve also done a bit of writing for student publications before I graduated. Recently I spent 9 months in and around Turkey, so I’ve even tried my hand at travel writing.

I provide several writing services from actually producing copy to editing and clarifying work. If you are interested in seeing examples of what I do, or if you have an interesting job you’d like me to take on, Contact Me.

In time, I will begin to provide samples of my work online to give everyone a better idea of what to expect.